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Southern Metal & Plastic Products manufactures and markets a wide range of waterstop products for sealing joints in concrete.

Southern Metal & Plastic’s PVC and Rubber waterstops have long been the industry standard and are available in a variety of styles to suit expansion, construction and contraction joints.

Southern also offers a line of strip applied waterstops for non-moving joints that are easy to install and require no split form work.

Water-Tite and Duroseal are hydrophilic waterstops that expand when exposed to moisture to create a compression seal in the joint. Water-Tite and Duroseal are applied to the joint using a primer adhesive.

Stop-Tite is a mastic waterstop that bonds to adjacent concrete surfaces when applied with a primer adhesive to prevent the passage of water through the joint.

For chemical environments, please link to:

 Chemical Resistant Waterstop Information


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PVC Waterstop Installation
Fabrications and Splicing Irons
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STOP-TITE Info Guide


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